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Australian Wildlife. Traditional Realism, Impressionism. Paintings at Glenrowan Studios  Gallery in Gisborne, Australia
Welcome to Glenrowan Studios and Art Gallery, Gisborne, Victoria, Australia

A forum for all those involved in the Australian Art Industry,
Artists, Gallery Owners, Art Buyers and the general public.

Pablo Picasso
cubism history
How and why Pablo Picasso created cubism. Comprehensive study of the art of Pablo Picasso.

Benjamin Freudenthal  Explore the homepage of an artist with a passion for Aviation and Motorsport. In this Website there are also other themes on display. Each click makes you discover great gouaches and water colours. (France)

Irene Brownjohn painting and digital art with a positive fresh spirit by a talented artist....(Australia)

Kenneth Gustafsson - This is my home site aquarelle, computer art, oil painting. I live in Ludvika Sweden  Dalarna, great art links (Sweden)

Robert C Wittig, a modern American realist..."I believe that just as science seeks truth (objective reality), art seeks honesty (subjective reality), and one without the other is not enough to assure the survival of our species"

Natasha Carr Original  paintings depicting nature by Natasha Carr. A Russian Artist in New York. "My goal is not to impress but to express !!" (USA)
Martina Shapiro Vibrant, expressionistic contemporary figurative oil paintings, including figure, still life and landscape by Canadian artist. View or buy online.(Canada)
Elaine Moynihan LisleLandscapes, cityscapes and more. "My intention is to introduce you to the art I am creating, display a variety of the nearly 200 paintings I have produced, and keep you updated as to where you can view and purchase the art in person". (USA)
Betty Gilson On this web site, you can browse through some of my favorite subjects that I've painted so far. I hope you'll enjoy my paintings as much as I've enjoyed painting them. (Florida USA)
Art by Don HuebnerThe unique and versatile art of Don Huebner. THE UNIQUE AND VERSATILE ART OF DON HUEBNER. "ETHEREAL-IST" CLASSIC REALISM WITH A FLAIR. "ASKANCE" Original Oil by Don Huebner.
Albert & Bernhard Kramer -  Steel sculptures & paintings from Switwerland by two very talented artists.Feel free to view a selection of their works. (Switzerland)
B?bel Georgi equine portraits of distinction Only a few artists ever manage to capture perfectly the elegance of nature's most beautiful animal. (Mt. Macedon, Australia)
Vladimir Dolgov -Art Gallery-Shop of Russian Van Gogh. Virtual art-gallery of actual art contains oil-painting, pastels, watercolours, draws, pictures for interior. St. Petersburg, (Russia)
Hal Fielding - Fine Art Painter Abstract nonobjective art using acrylic paint on canvas and paper by Fine Art Painter Hal Fielding in Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA)
Jill Teck, artist,sculptor, playwright. Her site is full of examples of her art. She is also the author of "Becoming the Tree" on "Healing in Art (Ireland)
Ole Ziger - He paints the finished picture down to the last painstaking detail with his controlled and characteristic clear colors. Ole Ziger is liberatingly picturesque and gives his paintings the touch of irony which makes the superrealism bearable....(Denmark)
Duncan Long 1st Encounters, an online gallery of artwork by Duncan Long. Art that will amuse, amaze, and sometimes terrify.(USA)
Alec Becker  a landscape artist. Although he has worked in a variety of subject matters, he has a particular interest in capturing the various seasons and locations around Vancouver and other areas of British Columbia. (Vancouver Canada)
Chas McHugh  Aviation Artist is pleased to exhibit his original works of Aviation Art. These pictures cannot be seen anywhere else as Chas does not print his pictures assuring his customers of owning a unique piece of aviation art. (UK)

Sue Fletcher Art That Celebrates Life! All paintings & artwork are dedicated to the life spirit of each subject!My choice is to explore the wonder of all that I'm exposed to and then to share the awe via painting.(USA)

Andii Adamick click here You will be landing on the personal page for motorcycle / motor sports artist Andii Adamick. "My main subject matter comes from the world of motorcycle road racing, my most enjoyed passion....." (Canada)

Jeremy Holton - Peach Tree Gallery - The first and oldest Web gallery in Australia . The visual appeal of his work has led to his meteoric rise to become one of the best known artists in Western Australia.

Gary Baker - Australian Oil and Watercolor Painter - Gary Baker is a professional Artist. He has had over 30 one man exhibitions since 1972. Subjects include Landscape, Still Life and Portrait. (Australia)
Luis Nu?z - Oil paintings of the South Florida landscape Featuring the Everglades, the Big Cypress Swamp and the Florida Keys (USA)
Paul Riedel - art with Brazilian / German influence.....I created a new concept of colors opening up the possibility for anyone to have an original painting, without losing the effect of the creation on a small wall. This concept has grown over the last five years and is continually gaining more followers. (Germany)
Michael Strang, the contemporary British artist who lives in Cornwall and specialises in oil paintings of seascapes, landscapes, portraits and flowers. His work is unmistakable, from traditional to a heavily impastoed style of great strength and beauty.(UK)
Maryann Schulz is an American artist who combines realism and Impressionism to create a feeling in her paintings of nature.  (USA)
Roger Brown - Fine Art Paintings, original oil paintings and limited edition prints.
http://www.rogerbrown-artist.com ... Check back often for NEW work  (USA)
Leon Engelen Oil Paintings: photographically detailed landscape and animal oil paintings, using classical techniques. The site offers a valuable painting course, as well as an extensive virtual gallery - ( Belgium).
Mikiharu Kume from Nagoya Japan, presents "KIRIE".... a colorful cut out paper pictures . Feel free to visit his "KIRIE" exhibit here. There are three different themes...... - (Japan).
Nan Rae, an internationally exhibited watercolorist, is a Chinese Brush painter with Impressionist influence. Her site features prints and greeting cards from the artist. (USA)
Salvatore Ventura - This unusual site catalogues the extraordinary architectural watercolors by artist Salvatore Ventura. The site provides the most comprehensive resources available on the artist and his work, including information to assist in the study, placement and acquisition of the artwork.(USA)


The Gallery of China - Chinese Art - Wonderful selection of traditional Chinese paintings plus lots of related information. A very beautiful must-see website. All paintings are originals and available for purchase.
Lugansk Art Gallery as a selling paintings gallery offers you remarkable drawings, sculpture and paintings for sale. (Ukraine)
Oil Paintings Gallery has the beautiful hand painted oil canvas paintings, originals and replicas.
Our art for sale comprises a rich collection of many styles of art from classic to abstract, through Impressionism, Art Deco,
Cubism, Surrealism and Naturalism. (USA)
SanGallery - Gallery of  Fine Art -We are confident that you will be captivated and inspired surfing around our site.
In our gallery you will see original oil paintings of a greatly talented artist, who`s love and passion and commitment of her life to God, has motivated her to produce these tremendous works of art.
Wagner Bazarin Art Gallery was established in 1998 by Wagner Bazarin to represent leading International artists.Now in its fourth year, Wagner Bazarin Art Gallery still enjoys the recognition as one of the most respected contemporary art galleries of the world.(Brazil)

Art Magazines

ART Asia Pacific


Web Sites about Australian Trams ...and and trains and trams around the world

The Ballarat Vintage Tramway is operated by the Ballarat Tramway Museum Inc., formed to keep alive the tramway experience that has otherwise disappeared from the streets of Ballarat, in the state of Victoria, Australia. The Museum is one of a couple of purely volunteer group in the world operating tramcars in a public road and over a section of original track...
Welcome to Dave's Melbourne Tram Pages. These pages are all about Melbourne's trams. Find out about the trams that operate on the system in all over advertising colour schemes, the Melbourne trams that have bhttp://hem.passagen.se/kenneth.gustafsson1953/ou can find them, and the Heritage Fleet trams that the Public Transport Corporation have retained as part of Melbourne's history.

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