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Australian Wildlife. Traditional Realism, Impressionism. Paintings at Glenrowan Studios  Gallery in Gisborne, Australia
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" The 1020 City Circle Tram "

Limited Edition Print

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The City Circle Tram im Melbourne Australia

Copyright © 1998-2011 by Peter Gerasimon 
Reproduction of this painting is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved


Glenrowan Studios Gallery
Gisborne, Victoria, Australia

The Melbourne Tram Scene

" The 1020 City Circle Tram "

Limited Edition Prints produced from Paintings by Artist Painter Peter Gerasimon

Depicting a 1996 Scene of  Melbourne, Latrobe St., Australia, with the City Circle W-Class Tram.

Condition: New, excellent.

Present wrapped in a padded reinforced envelope.

Quality Limited Edition Print Signed and numbered
(1 to 980),on 240 gsm egg shell paper, size 30x42cm (A3)/ image size 25x31cm.
Printed in Australia.

PLUS! Bonus Greeting Card.
Print and Card is  gift wrapped.
Size: A4 folded into 2x A5


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Present wrapped in a padded reinforced envelope.

AU $ 49.50 + 15.00 Packing & Postage 


Artists authenticity declaration:

Herewith I declare that the above named Prints are made from Original Painting of my own production.
Produced painted at my Studio in Gisborne and Printed in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Copyright © 1998-2011 by Peter Gerasimon

Reproduction of this painting or print is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.    

Peter Gerasimon

Peter Gerasimon's Oil Paintings cover a wide range of subjects. You will find here Portraits, Paintings  of Animals, Wildlife Paintings, Oil Paintings of the Australian Country Side and  Bush, Landscapes, Architecture Oil Paintings, City Paintings, Oil Paintings of Sydney and Melbourne,  Aviation Paintings, Maritime Scenes, Ships, Boats, Paintings of Trains and Trams and much more.
His style is Realism &  Impressionism. Some acrylic paintings and  limited edition prints about "The Melbourne City Scene" are also on display.
Exciting are the stories of places people have created and their constant aim to re-shape, preserve and improve to meet certain visions and dreams. My aim is to capture the present reflecting the nostalgic essence of the times gone by.   

Peter Gerasimon
Paintings of the present with a touch of nostalgia


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